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Hanging out between takes on PCH.

This year hasn’t been an easy one, and the pandemic has definitely put a bit of a damper on what I was hoping was going to be a stellar year of growth. In spite of that, however, when I look back at the past 11 months, I’m very proud of what I accomplished. I’ve grown, achieved goals, and continued to move forward while it seemed as if the entire world was doing nothing but moving backwards. I’m not going to lie, though, it hasn’t been easy, and even as I write this I sit and wonder “what’s next?” There have been times where I was just hoping to get by and times where things have been so busy I didn’t know what to do with myself. But when I sit back and reflect on the past 11 months of 2020, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Not only have I—so far—been able to weather the storm of uncertainty with the pandemic, but I’ve been able to work on projects that have allowed me to improve both creatively and professionally. This post might be a little longer than normal, but whatever… I only post on here about once every year or so haha.

One project that I’m very proud of is directing the commercial assets for Aprilia’s RS660 launch with my good friends at Sweatpants Media. We filmed it all back in late September/early October. The shoot was done on an over-night in Downtown San Franciso, a day on the coast and Laguna Seca, and another day in a motorcycle shop. The completed commercial shows Pikes Peak Champion Rennie Scaysbrook ripping the new bike out of the city, around the track, and down the beautiful California coast.

Our set for the garage scene of the commercial.

DoP Mikey Zeller getting our final sequence of the day, overlooking the coast.

Another project that was fun to put together was Travel Paso’s latest marketing campaign, showcasing the beauty of the area through a road trip story of two different couples in two different, but very cool, vintage cars. I was responsible for pre-production work, directing, DoP, and editing. It was quite the undertaking, but Travel Paso was ultimately pleased with the final product. It was great to be able to safely shoot this and bring some friends/colleges along—new and old—to AC, provide a tracking vehicle and gimbal, drone work, and photography. Thanks to them, because this piece woudn’t have been what it is without them. If you’re driving through Paso, be sure to keep you eyes peeled for the billboards.

Screen grabs from Travel Paso.

More Travel Paso screen grabs.

I have also continued to produce 805 Beer’s advertising and creative content. In spite of the pandemic and global shutdown, the alcohol industry has been obviously flourishing, and their need to content hasn’t stopped. Below is one short film about custom bike builder Bryan Thompson that I finished editing and post work for earlier this year.

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This was taken during our first day on set with main unit, during filming for Sky Fire (Tianhou was the working title). Director Simon West is in the straw hat, looking over our shoulders as we lined up the drone shot with the Alta 8 that was flying my Red Helium camera.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. It’s now been over a year since my last entry, but it was one incredible journey since this time last year. I checked off a few major goals of mine, one of which was working on a huge blockbuster film. Late last year, myself and Chapman Aerial Productions’ Justin Chapman spent a month and a half at Pinewood Studios in Malaysia filming for the upcoming movie Sky Fire (the working title then was Tianhou). It was an unforgettable experience and one that wasn’t short of amazing special effects and tons of long, hard hours.

I’ve also worked as the director of photography on a recent Yamaha Guitars commercial, putting my trusty Red Helium to work paired with Zeiss CP.3 lenses. The entire crew was amazing to work with and the director Shai Harary made it a fun time to be on set. You can check out the full piece on the Video page of this website.

Some screen grabs from the Yamaha Guitars shoot. Gafer Konrad Sigurdsson was awesome to work with on this. His knowledge and experience was second to none.

Continuing to work with 805 Beer on their branded content campaigns has been something that really allows me to shoot a variety of different subjects, and the past year was no different. A lot of the content doesn’t come out for a few more months, and I can’t wait to see it all released. Below are some that were released recently. All the full short films can be seen on 805 Beer’s website, by clicking HERE.

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I feel like every time I write one of these short blog updates, it’s been a long time since my last post—and this time is no different. I guess time flies when you’re having fun—or when you’re busy—and I’ve been wide open lately, working on commercials, filming projects, and photo shoots. Last year, though, I achieved a major milestone. Along with Justin Chapman at Chapman Aerial Productions, I joined the ICG Local 600. We were inducted into the union during a quick ceremony at the Local 600 offices in Hollywood, with the Local 600 president and the board. I really look forward to what the future holds for us and the projects we’ll be working on. It was a step in my cinematography career that I will never forget. 

A bad ass camera greets you in the Local 600 lobby.

Another huge step forward for me was the purchase of a brand new Red Epic-W. In the world of cinematography, this camera is at the top of the heap. Capable of filming up to 8K, the camera is one of the most advanced on the market. I’ve already had the chance to put it to work on some projects, and the future is exciting with this new piece of equipment. It’ll be fun flying it on drone jobs as well. All in all, some pretty exciting stuff has been happening to start off 2018. I’m looking to keep the ball rolling, accomplish my goals, and make memories while working in a field that I’m extremely passionate about.

Putting the new Red Epic-W to work recently.



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It’s Been A While


I was just going over my site to make sure everything is still in place and working properly, and I noticed that’s it’s been a while—like a really, really long time—since I updated my blog page with the latest news and happenings. LDM has been keeping busy since the beginning of 2017 with a variety of fun projects. I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I’m a huge fan of movies, both for the entertainment factor and the art that goes into filming and putting together a major motion picture. And over the past month, I’ve been working with Hollywood stuntman Corey Eubanks, shooting and editing together his Stunt Stories show. Each show features an in-depth interview with a stuntman or stunt woman, and the stories that these individuals tell are nothing short of pure entertainment. It’s cool for me to hear what they’ve gone through on the big budget movies that they’ve been involved with over the years. Corey himself has worked on just about ever major motion picture since he first got his break, driving the General Lee in the original “Dukes of Hazard” television show. In addition to Stunt Stories, I’ve also been staying busy with drone work, filming for some national television commercials and TV shows. You can see some of the work in the recently released Subaru commercial below. All in all, the beginning of the year has been all about filming/cinematography more so than still photography, which I’m pretty excited about. People that know me, know that cinematography is largely where my long-term goals are. If anyone cares… I’m going to try to update this blog a little more often—at least more than twice a year. Until next time…

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