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Pleasantly Surprised



It doesn’t happen too often when shooting photos, and I don’t always like to admit it, but every so often I luck out. The light is just right, the subject is easy to work with, and things just click. That was exactly the case when shooting some new Fasthouse/Cadence Collection cycling kits up in Mammoth a month ago. We didn’t even know where we were going to shoot; all we knew was that we wanted some cool scenery through the trees. When we left to head up the mountain from our condo, the light was dropping fast, and it was nearly lost as we finally pulled up to a spot that worked for what we needed. As I jumped out of the truck and built my camera, Terry got on his bike and found a suitable trail off the side of the road. With some excellent timing, we were able to knock out a series of shots before the sun went down. No strobes, no planning, and a lot of team work. I’m a big fan of using natural light to create a beautiful photo. There are a lot of photographers using tons of strobes nowadays—and there is nothing wrong with that, I even use them too—but there is something to be said about producing a shot without a lot of extra lighting. I was beyond surprised that we were able to come away with the quality of shots that we did, because we literally only had about 15 minutes to knock them out. I’m hesitant to admit that, but sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of pre-production to come away with amazing imagery. All it takes are some good people, a little luck, knowledge of photography, and the art of light.



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Motocross Testing



Testing the new 2016 KX450F. (Photo by Jeff Allen)

It’s really fun to get to still maintain my connection to motorcycle magazine work with Cycle World. As the off-road test editor, I still get to participate in regular bike testing and reviews in addition to creating features for the magazine. When I started Lutes Digital Media, it was my goal to still be in a position to produce content for a media outlet, and this is exactly that. I’ve been riding motocross since I was five years old and to be able to still make a living off of something that I love—and is a lot of fun—is a dream come true. Check out the stories on CW’s website. At the very least, maybe it will help you decide which new motocross machine is right for you. I’ve been riding the YZ450F a lot lately, and I’m beginning to really like the bike.


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Latest Fasthouse Video

Fast 1 – Two Stroke Championships from Fasthouse on Vimeo.

One of my first clients here at LDM was Fasthouse, and I continue to do regular work for them. A rapidly growing brand in not only motocross, but anything fast, Fasthouse speaks to the lifestyle of Southern California and taps into the deep roots of Hollywood stunts, film, and basic coolness. The most recent video that I did for them was one on Sean Collier’s day at the Two-Stroke Championships at Glen Helen. And thanks to numerous factors, it was a blast to put together.

The day as a whole was filled with ups and downs, and collaborating with friend Toastacia “Toast” Boyd, we were able to cover every facet of what happened. Aboard a super powerful KX500, Collier was easily the fastest all day, but a major mechanical failure in the first moto caused him to DNF. After scrambling to piece the bike back together, Sean managed to overcome a bad start in the second moto to take the win. But the fact that the action and story line was so good wasn’t the only thing that made the day so fun. Toast shoots exclusively on Super 8 film, and her footage provided a very unique flare to the finished film. I really look forward to working with her on more projects down the road. In the meantime, check out the finished film, and leave a comment about what you think.

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