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Movie Work


I’m a huge fan of movies. Not just for the pure entertainment of them, but for the amount of work that goes into making one and the artistic side of the production. I recently got the chance to work on a major motion picture, shooting aerials for a scene in the movie, and it was an extremely cool experience. During our prep day, the camera truck was rigged up with the Gyron and five other cameras for plate shots that were to be used for a scene in a motorhome. We tested out our drone and camera by shooting some shots of the truck driving around. It’s not a very exciting video, but at the very least you can check out the camera truck rig. I’ll post more about the movie once it’s released.

Camera Truck And Drone Testing from Lutes Digital Media on Vimeo.

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Totally Fun | Drone Photography

Aerial Drone

Operating the camera on the drone was a very cool experience.

Totally Fun | Drone Photography

I recently got the chance to learn how to operate and film with the camera on an aerial drone. I went out on a shoot that was on a closed set and had way more fun than I even imaged I’d have. Getting to compose shots from a camera gimbal on a drone offers a totally different perspective, and opens the flood gates on the possibilities of composition. Not only did I have to think about panning and tilting the camera, but the elevation, speed, and angle of the drone all came into play when composing a cool looking moving video shot. I worked hand-in-hand with the drone operator when composing shots, and often found that it was a team effort when it came to “getting the shot”. I can not wait to do more of this.

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