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Cover Shot

I snagged the latest cover shot right before leaving TWMX.

I snagged the latest cover shot right before leaving TWMX.

Cover Shot

Just a couple weeks before I left TransWorld Motocross, I participated in my final cover shoot for the magazine with Eli Tomac. I haven’t counted, but this cover is probably nearing the 30th cover that I’ve landed over the course of my career at the magazine. The shoot was out at the private Honda Supercross track, and as I expected, Tomac was super easy to work with, putting up with me asking him to hit the difficult SX whoops numerous times. To get this shot, I used a giant reflector for fill, and I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve come to really like the way that reflectors make an image look and I hope to use them on more projects in the future. The only downfall is how difficult it is to set up the reflector, especially if it’s windy like it was on this day. I hope to post all of my cover images on this site in the next couple months. Check back soon.

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Always Learning

National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry's composition tips.

National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry’s composition tips.


I think that no matter what you do in life, you never know it all and it’s important to continue to learn and progress. I stumbled across this really cool short video on composition tips/rules to remember. I learned these in Photo 101 at Brooks Institute of Photography when I first started my photography career, but a littler refresher on them never hurt.

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(Photo by Tim Tadder)

(Photo by Tim Tadder)


Being a good photographer means much more than just pressing the camera shutter button and getting an image. It takes planning, skill, and inspiration. I’ve always needed inspiration to continue moving forward and continue being creative with the types of images that I produce. There’s a saying that I’ve always liked, but I can’t remember who said it… “Good artists copy, but great artists steal.” To mean, it doesn’t necessarily mean actual stealing, it just means that someone’s idea inspires you to build off of it and make it your own.

I recently saw a set of images on an inspirations web site, leading me to already start thinking about how I want to accomplish similar shots with my wife who is a professional dancer. Stay tuned…

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