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Friday Night Lights

To say the location and shoot was unique would be an understatement.


In only the first week of business, I got my first phone call from my friend Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg with an intricate plan, and when he pitched it to me, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot something not many people would ever get to.


Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg shoveling the face of the jump.

“Hey Lutes, you wanna go shoot tomorrow night on a jump right next to the freeway?” Twitch asked me. Before I could even think, I said yes and began planning in my head how I’d pull off the shots in near darkness. The next day, I met up with riders Twitch, Andy Bakken, Darryn Durham, Tyler Bereman and shooters Max Mandell, John Sanders, and Dave Dawes for a night that none of us won’t soon forget. The jump was almost unbelievably right on the side of the 60 freeway, and we lit the face up with a portable generator. Still, in spite of the flood lights, the landings were nearly pitch dark, making for a very gnarly experience for the riders and us.


We managed to snap off a few before the sun fully slipped below the horizon.

When it was all said and done, I came away with some very unique shots thanks to a portable strobe and some creatively synced Canon flashes—when the strobe died. I love doing this stuff, and after the success of this night, plans are already in the works for the next poached night time session.


Tyler Bereman gets the award for biggest balls of the night, as he repeatedly sent himself and his YZ250 down into a black pit.

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